Third All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference The Role That Science Plays in the Reconstruction of Ukraine

The state enterprise “State Research Institute of Building onstructions” invites specialists involved in the development of construction science and the restoration of Ukraine to take part in the Third All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference The Role That Science Plays in the Reconstruction of Ukraine. The conference is dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Institute’s foundation.

The conference will be held on the 29th of November in Kyiv, 5/2 Preobrazhenska Street.

Conference topics:
- The current state and priorities of construction science in the reconstruction of the country
- Regulatory and methodological security and reconstruction of damaged civil, industrial,
energy and hydraulic facilities
- The role and potential of the national higher education in the rebuilding and recovery
of the country
- Construction science and its impact on technical regulation in the context of reconstruction
- Scientific, technical, financial and organizational problems of construction materials industry
- Science and business - prospects for development and interaction
- Features of international scientific and technical cooperation during the large-scale
reconstructions of the regions of Ukraine
- Scientific aspects of energy efficiency and resource saving in up-to-date construction
- The impact of public organizations on the construction industry.

Six panel discussions are planned as part of the Conference:
- Panel discussion No. 1 Scientific and technical aspects of conducting surveys of damaged and destroyed residential and public buildings and infrastructure facilities;
- Panel discussion No. 2 Features of survey, reconstruction and conservation of damaged and destroyed cultural heritage sites;
- Panel discussion No. 3 The current state of technical regulation and features of the regulatory framework governing surveys and design under martial law
- Panel discussion No. 4 Ensuring the energy efficiency of buildings in conditions of reconstruction
- Panel discussion No. 5 Science and business - prospects and interaction
- Panel discussion No. 6 Modern technologies and new materials for reconstructing and strengthening of damaged structures

Participation in the conference is free. The participants will be able to attend the
conference online and offline.

The conference materials will be published in the scientific and technical journal Science and Construction, No. 4 (2023), and in scientific conference abstracts.

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Information for to attend the conference online:

(Assembly Hall)
10:00 am – 01:00 pm
Conference ID 844 6890 9340
Access code 428106


Assembly Hall
02:00 05:20 pm
Panel Discussion No. 1 "Scientific and Technical Aspects of Conducting Inspections of Damaged and Destroyed Residential and Public Buildings and Infrastructure Facilities"
Panel Discussion No. 2 "Specifics of Inspection, Restoration and Preservation of Damaged and Destroyed Cultural Heritage Sites in Wartime"
Conference ID 864 5221 1964
Access code 041052

Hall 302
02:00 05:20 pm
Panel Discussion No. 3 "Current State of Technical Regulation"
Panel Discussion No. 4 "Ensuring Energy Efficiency of Buildings in the Conditions of Restoration and Reconstruction"
Conference ID 921 2410 2866
Access code 909533

Hall 218
02:00 05:20 pm
Panel Discussion No. 5 "Science and Business -Prospects of Interaction at the Current Stage"
Panel Discussion 6 "Modern Technologies in Energy, Hydraulic and Road Construction"
Conference ID 994 5605 5839
Access code 281907

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