Scientific and technical activity

SE NIISK is basic scientific and research organization in Ukrainian construction complex. It determines the scientific and technical policy in area of the structures, buildings and facility, geotechnical engineering, seismic construction, construction acoustic and heat engineering, safe operation of the buildings and facility, scientific support for construction objects and construction activity in power engineering (including activity in ChNPP “Shelter” object), assessment of the construction products conformity and its fitness for construction, methods and means for research of the building structures, products and materials, development of the State construction codes and standards.

Institute (as basic organization on scientific and research activity in construction engineering) is ensuring the following: the scientific, technical, research, normative-methodical and information ensuring, including the scientific support when designing, construction and operation of the building objects structures etc.

The basic directions are basis of scientific and technical activity of Institute for implementation of state policy in construction area.

Development of Institute scientific and technical activity is mentioned in Strategic plan of development of State enterprise «State research Institute of Building Constructions» for period 2014-2018.

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