Main directions

Main directions on creation of scientific and technical products and rendering of scientific and technical services

•Integrated execution of the scientific and research works, the expert, design, test and production services for legal and physical persons on creation and operation of the construction objects.

•Creation and improvement of the normative legislation in area of construction, construction materials production, architecture and city planning.

•Design, research, test and commissioning of the building structures taking into account the issues of energy saving and increasing of safety for different kinds buildings and facility.

•Carrying out of engineer-surveying works, development of construction documents for construction, reconstruction and restoration of the objects, scientific support for implementation of the projects.

•Participation in designing and construction of the nuclear energetic objects, including the storehouses for radioactive waste burial.

•Implementation of scientific support for construction activity in nuclear engineering, including in Chernobyl NPP “Shelter” object.

•Scientific support for construction objects with high level of responsibility, safety and technical complexity.

•Survey, assessment of technical state and resource of the building structures and development of the measures for ensuring of safety and durability of the buildings and facility, including the objects of energy generation (hydro plants, heat stations etc.). Certification of the buildings and facility.

•Solutions for geotechnical engineering, including a strengthening for the buildings and facility bases and foundations.

•Design of the protection methods and upgrading of acoustic finishing for the residential and public buildings, including the theatres, museums and industrial objects.

•Assessment and improvement of the heat engineering quality of the enclosing structures, buildings and facility.

•Development of the methods for protection of building structures against corrosion.

•Research of the building structures fire resistance.

•Protection of the buildings, facility and territories when complex engineer-geological and seismic conditions; prevention of the building objects damages ; liquidation of the emergency situations consequences.

•Development of the new kinds of the building structures and products, including the structures for cheap dwelling.

•Development of the methods for renewal of the buildings and facility operation quality, including the correction of tilts and settlements.

•Improvement of the technologies for production of the reinforced concrete structures; development and implementation on the nonstandard equipment for construction engineering.

•Test and certification of the building structures, products and materials for ensuring their conformity.

•Creation of the methods for designing of the automated systems and measures for test, research and monitoring of the technical state of building structures; metrological assurance of these systems.

•Researches deal with economics of the building structures and price formation in construction area.

•Determination of the prospective directions for further scientific development of construction complex in different fields of economy.

•Scientific and technical expertise in construction area.

•Training of the higher qualification specialists for construction area (through post-graduation courses).

•Marketing and patent-information researches.

•International collaboration.

•Issuing of the scientific collections, journals, monographs and other information on the directions of Institute activity.

Membership in public organizations