International Federation of Reinforced Concrete (fib)

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In the fifties of past century two international organizations were created: the International federation on problems of pre-stressed concrete (FIP) and European commission on problems of concrete (). The former USSR was presented in these structures by National committee, the part of the committee was Ukrainian branch. At the end of 1998, as a result of association of and FIP a new common structure - International federation for structural concrete (fib) was created.

Central purpose of fib - development at an international level of theoretical and practical researches, related to technical, economic, aesthetic aspects of reinforced concrete and its influence on an environment, preparation of projects of international norms and standards (Codes) for this kind of activity.

Today fib unites 46 developed countries from around the world, including 29 European (among them from former Soviet Union: Belarus, Estonia, Russia and Ukraine) and over 1250 individual members.

fib conducts its activity through Engineering Council, which includes chairmen of national groups, Watch committee and 10 technical commissions, directions of activity of which embrace all problems of modern concrete and reinforced concrete. Each commission consists of several technical groups, which head specialists of worldwide reputation.

Once in 4 years, fib conducts international congresses, and in intervals between them - 2 symposiums in a year (see chapter "Organization of conferences, seminars"). On every congress and symposium fib organizes exhibitions of best practices in the sector and considers the generalizing reports of national groups.

Once in 4 years fib conducts world competition on the best structure made of concrete and decorates with medals specialists, which made contribution into development of reinforced concrete. In particular in 2007 P.I. Kryvosheiev (Ukraine) was decorated with such medal.

Annually fib appropriates grants to the amount of 100000 Swiss francs for financing of:

- activity, which assists the increase of authority of fib ;

- activity, directed to involvement of new members in federation;

- help to young engineers, directed to activation of their participating in work of commissions of fib ;

- special-purpose researches, which require speedy solution and which are important for building sphere.

NIISK receives from fib such materials and publications:

1. Bulletins of fib. From 1999, 78 bulletins (see section "Publishing") are received.

2. Magazine "Structural concrete" (content of magazines is given on the web-site www.fib - in section News).

3. Materials of congresses and symposiums. From the beginning of 1998 it is received:

o Materials of 13th symposium of fib "Achievements for concrete in the next millennium ", (1998, Amsterdam);

o Materials of 1st congress of fib "Concrete Structures in the 21st Century", (Osaka, Japan, 2002);

o Materials of symposium of fib " Concrete Structures : the Challenge of Creativity " (Avignon, France, 2004);

o Materials of symposium of fib "Keep concrete attractive" (Budapest, Hungary, 2005).

o Materials of 2nd congress of fib (Naples, Italy, 2006);

o Materials of 3rd international symposium of fib "Concrete structures - stimulator of development" (Dubrovnik, Croatia, 2007);

o Materials of 4th international symposium of fib "Tailor made concrete structures" (Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2008);

o Materials of international symposium fib "Concrete: 21st century superhero" (London, Great Britain, 2009);

o Materials of 3rd congress of fib "Think globally, build locally" (Washington, USA, 2010);

o Materials of symposium fib "Concrete engineering for excellence and efficiency" (Prague, Czech Republic, 2011).

o Materials of symposium of fib "Engineering a concrete future: technology, modeling & construction" (Tel Aviv, Israel, 2013);

o Materials of 4th congress of fib "Improving performance of concrete structures" (Mumbai, India, in 2014).

Specialists can look through bulletins, magazines and materials of conferences in library of NIISK.

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