International activities


SE NDIBK performs international activities according to the Order of the President of Ukraine dated on 14.09.2000 “Of Ukraine's integration into the European Union”, in frames of basic scientific and technical directions of the Institute activities and by the following ways:

  • bilateral relations with international public organizations;
  • cooperation with scientific and technical institutions of other countries;
  • participation in international conferences, symposiums, congresses.

According to the decision No.59 of the STC of Gosstroy of Ukraine dated on 04.11.98 NDIBK represents Ukraine in the International Federation of Concrete (fib). Specialists of the Institute annually take part in the meetings of fib managing bodies, conferences and symposiums.

With the support of the Ministry of Regional Development of Ukraine NDIBK represents our country in the European Union on approvals of building products (UEAtc).

NDIBK continues the fruitful cooperation with the following institutions:

  • institute ITV (Poland) on information exchange, standardization and certification of building products, fire resistance of building products and structures;
  • Russian institute “RDA”, with which the contract on cooperation on information exchange was signed in 2004;
  • institute “NIPTIS” of Belarus Ministry of Construction on use of cellular concrete in enclosure structures to reduce heat loss during the operation of residential and administrative buildings;
  • Russian “Research institute of building physics” on improving the quality of new building materials;
  • company “REM-BUD” (Poland), with which the termless contract on buildings and structures leveling in Poland was signed in 2004;
  • company “PRGW” (Poland), with which the termless contract on cooperation in geotechnics was signed in 2004;
  • French consortium JV “NOVARKA” on the conversion of ChNPP Shelter Object into ecologically safe system;
  • Czech institute s.p. “TZUS”, with which the timeless contract on realization of cooperative works in the field of testing and conformity assessment of building products was signed.

Membership in public organizations