The UEAtc Technical and Coordination Commissions meetings (2019)

The European Union on Technical Approvals in Construction (UEAtc) – is an association uniting on a voluntary basis the national institutes, centers and organizations engaged in the formation of technical approvals. The UEAtc was established in 1960 to facilitate the construction products movement from country to country through the practice of voluntary approvals mutual recognition.
The UEAtc field of interest applies to any innovation in construction products and processes.
The UEAtc purpose is to reduce any kind of barriers and to increase and advance the scientific approach to promoting innovations in construction sector.
The UEAtc is a network of European institutions and institutes from neighboring countries. It includes eighteen member institutes, seventeen of which are located throughout the EEA (European Economic Area) and one is in Eastern Europe, namely the SE NDIBK.
The NDIBK representes Ukraine in the European Union for Technical Approvals in Construction since 2008. Gennady Fahrenyuk, Director of the NDIBK, is actively involved in the activities of the UEAtc Technical and Coordination Commissions. The cooperation with the UEAtc is very important for Ukraine and the NDIBK. We have an opportunity to participate in the EU procedures (EOTA) with regard to issuing the European Technical Assessments for new products, which helps to simplify technical barriers to trade. This allows accelerating the Ukrainian construction industry entry into the European Community and the introduction of a European regulatory framework into the Ukrainian one, the cooperation of the SE NDIBK and institutions of European countries in the technical regulation system development for the construction industry of Ukraine and the technical approvals preparation in collaboration with the UEAtc.
Within the framework of the UEAtc Technical and Coordination Commissions meetings attended only by the members of the Commissions seminars are also held.
On October 28, at the Digitization Seminar the various views on digital storage circuits for certification data and proposals for integrating the certification data into BIM (Building Information Modeling) were presented. At the UBAtc (Belgian Certification Authority) seminar the views on the above technical approval data were presented, i.e. the technical approval data use by users according to the specialized construction sites was considered.
On October 29, the 39th meeting of the UEAtc Technical Commission and the first session of the 73rd meeting of the UEAtc Coordination Commission took place. At the meetings the technical approvals adoption scheme for construction and the UEAtc rules on the certification of technical approvals conformity and their mutual acceptance by UEAtc members were discussed.

On October 30, the UEAtc Coordination Commission continued its work. The results of the Union members’ activities, the results of work with such international organizations, as EOTA, CEN and ECCREDI, and amendments to the European regulations concerning the Construction Products Directive were considered.

On October 31, a seminar on the External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS) was held. Due to the importance of the topic, the decision was made to hold the seminar within the framework of the UEAtc Technical and Coordination Commissions meetings. As a large number of ETICS European Technical Assessments are issued based on the ETA 004 Guidelines, and an active work is conducted on a draft European Standard for ETICS products, many UEAtc members continue to issue the ETICS technical approvals for their national use. The contents of technical approvals are also distinguished by the fact that these technical approvals meet the different stakeholders needs. In some countries the works are carried out to establish how ETICS should be installed, and the European federation of ETICS manufacturers also issued the guidance on this issue. However, recent meetings show that problems remain, installation methods differ, and an insufficient knowledge for designing may occur.
At the seminar the UK's approach to ETICS safety against lateral load resistance and static load was presented and discussions were initiated on disengagement / uplift of the system in the event of a fire. UBAtc (Belgian certification body) presented a view on the wind resistance.
At the ETICS seminar Gennadiy Fahrenyuk, Director of the State Research Institute of Building Constructions, presenteda Report “Experimental evaluation of ETICS reliability factors”.

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