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We are 75. These years represent the glorious history and a multi-year path of stable development and growth of the State Enterprise "State Research Institute of Building Constructions".

Founded in 1943, the Institute has survived the test of time and continued to symbolize the best traditions combination and hold a high ranking of a leading scientific institution throughout its history.

It is hard to imagine the construction industry without the NIISK unique scientific and technological developments. Performing various jobs at the strategic importance objects, the Institute specialists prove to the whole country their uniqueness and ability to efficiently work.

We are glad to welcome you and see among our partners, colleagues and customers of Institute scientific and technical products.

As the Minregion’s base organization, the NIISK provides for the scientific, technical, experimental, legal, methodological and informational support for design, erection and operation of numerous construction projects.

Today the Institute is a modern research institution that comprehensively, continuously and at a high professional level solves the construction industry problems regarding the reliability, safety, functionality and operational comfort of civil and industrial complex construction projects.

We have significant successes and a lot to be proud of. We have proven to be capable of going ahead even in the hardest times and ready to meet all challenges.

The Institutes personnel make the meaningful efforts to reform and improve the construction sector legislative framework, to reach the new heights of professionalism and to hold the leading positions in the construction industry of Ukraine.

The NIISK guarantees the business reliability and high quality of performed scientific and technical projects, as well as the professional solutions of your problems.

Lets build Ukraine together!

Best regards,

Farenyuk G.G., Doctor of Engineering Science,

Director of SE NDIBK


The State Enterprise “The State Research Institute of Building Constructions” (NIISK) started its operation as early as in 1943 under the name of the Ukrainian Research Institute of Buildings (UkrNDIS) and was temporary located in Moscow. In March 1944 the UkrNDIS moved to Kyiv.

The Institute main activities at that time aimed at solving a number of pressing issues related to the restoration of buildings and structures destroyed during the Great Patriotic War in the shortest terms and searching for the most rational decisions.

The Institute was headed by the well-known specialists, including .Vavytskyi, I.Koziula, B.Gorskyi, M.Plekhov, V.Mykhailov, A.Burakas and P.Kryvosheiev. In the Institute the important scientific and technical areas of focus were created with the participation of well-known specialists in the relevant fields, namely:

- Construction in complex geotechnical conditions(I. Lytvynov, Dr., S. Klepikov, Dr., A. Ryzhov, Dr., and G. Chernyi, Dr.; P. Dranishnikov, PhD, M. Mintskovskyi, PhD, M. Meteliuk, PhD, V. Shumovskyi, PhD, G. Grygoriev, PhD, I. Tkachenko, PhD, I.Matveiev, PhD, A. Trehub, PhD, I. Rosenfeld, PhD, V. Shokarev, PhD, G. Soloviova, PhD, and others);

- Theory of building structures calculation (Yo. Ulytskyi, Dr., O. Holyshev, Dr., V. Shymanovskyi, Dr., O. Dykhovychnyi, Dr., Ya. Livshyts, Dr. and A. Bambura, Dr.; A. Dubynskyi, PhD, Ye. Stakovychenko, PhD, V. Skatynskyi, PhD, V. Bachynskyi, PhD, and others);

- Design of reinforced concrete and other structures (I. Rokhlin, Dr., V. Shymanovskyi, Dr., M. Yankelevych, Dr., A. Bambura, Dr. and A. Dekhtyar, Dr.; V. Myhailov, PhD, A. Burakas, PhD, I. Lukashenko, PhD, P. Kryvosheiev, PhD, V. Tairov, PhD, V. Lelichenko, PhD, A. Liberman, PhD, A. Tseitlin, PhD, V. Galych, PhD, Yu. Katrutsa, PhD, I. Tkachenko, PhD, R. Kharchenko, PhD, V. Matsveiko, PhD, Yu. Sliusarenko, PhD, Yu. Kurash, PhD, and others);

- Manufacture technologies for reinforced concrete structures (L. Sheinich, Dr.; M. Pliekhov, PhD, V. Riznychenko, PhD, M. Sytnyk, PhD, V. Lastik, PhD, P. Golub, PhD, A. Tsiotov, PhD, V. Bulakovskyi, PhD, G. Girshtel, PhD, S.Glazkova, PhD, and others);

- Quality control and research systems for structures and materials (D. Pekus-Sakhnovskyi, PhD, S. Nogin, PhD, M. Sydorenko, PhD, D. Korshunov, PhD, V. Tokarev, PhD, P. Vitiuk, PhD, Yu. Kardovskyi, PhD, G. Reminets, PhD, V. Tarasiuk, PhD, and others);

-Scientific research processes automation(Yu. Nemchynov, Dr. and O. Dyhovychnyi, Dr.; I. Pedakhovskyi, PhD, V. Tatsii, PhD, V. Kravchuk, PhD, and others);

- Antiseismic construction(Yu. Nemchynov, Dr.; M. Marienkov, PhD, O. Khavkin, PhD, and others);

- Building thermal physics and acoustics (G. Farenyuk, Dr.; V. Miakshyn, PhD, V. Khomenko, PhD, M. Trokhymenko, PhD, and others);

- Building structures transportation (I. Skachkov, PhD, O. Ishchenko, PhD, V. Pastushenko, PhD, and others).

During long-term history of its existence, NIISK has decided the difficult scientific and technical problems in relation to mounting of many building and constructions in Ukraine and former republics of the USSR. Numeral scientific and technical developments of Institute found application in our country and abroad.

Specialists of institute participated in designing, construction or reconstructions of many outstanding objects, such as: museum of history of Great Patriotic war 1941-1945, Department store the "Child's world", "House of artist", "Trade house", bus fleet in 160 m diameter in Darnytsa district; The system of oil- and gas- pipelines from Western Siberia to Europe, the plants: Oil-processing in Grozny, Port plant in Odessa, "Arsenal", " Bolshevik", "Red excavator", "BuildRoadMash" in Kyiv, Cotton complexes in Donetsk and Tiraspol; building of residential communities in Zaporozhe and Dnepropetrovsk and other; reconstruction of buildings of the National bank of Ukraine, National opera of Ukraine the name of . G. Shevchenko, National philharmonic society, rebuilding of the Mikhailovsky Zolotoverhy monastery, Uspensky cathedral of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, Odessa theatre of opera and ballet; reconstruction of the Kyiv railway station, scientifically-expert support of exploitation of "Shelter"-Object of Chernobyl NPP and implementation of works in relation to its conversation into the environmentally safe system.

After that, scientists and engineers of Institute have created unique technologies and building constructions, which allowed to build unique buildings and to carry out mass development of residential communities at difficult engineer-geological conditions in Ukraine and in other republics of the former USSR.

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