Gennady Farenyuk, Director of the State Enterprise NIISK, took part in the IX International ETICS Conference

On May 25-26, 2023, Gennady Farenyuk, Director of the State Enterprise NIISK participated in the IX International ETICS Conference, held in Lodz, Poland.

ETICS external thermal insulation systems* , which is celebrating its 65th anniversary this year, has been the most widely used logistics solution in Europe for improving energy efficiency for many years. The scale of ETICS' success is evidenced by up to 300 million square meters of insulated exterior walls of buildings across Europe.

The goal of the annual International ETICS Conference is to create a platform for exchanging ideas, establishing cooperation, and promoting the growth of new initiatives in solving scientific issues related to the use of ETICS. The conference is the largest event in the field of thermal insulation in Poland and the only forum for the exchange of information devoted entirely to thermal insulation systems.
Speakers of IX International ETICS Conference was:
- Doctor Robert Gerilo, Institute of Construction Technologies (ITB), Warsaw, Poland;
- Ralph Pasker, European ETICS Association (EAE), MA, USA;
- Jan Te Boss, European Insulation Manufacturers Association (EURIMA);
- Dr. Malgorzata Niziurska, Research Network Łukasiewicz, Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials (ICIMB), Krakow, Poland;
- Dr. Artur Miros, Research Network Łukasiewicz, Warsaw Institute of Technology (WIT), Poland;
- Dr. Sebastian Wall, European Organisation for Technical Assessment ( EOTA) / Institute of Construction Technology (ITB), Poland;
- Dr. Romana Fridrichova, Technical Institute of Fire Protection in Prague, Czech Republic;
- Dr. Bartholomew Papis, Institute of Construction Technologies (ITB)/Polish Association of Expanded Polystyrene Manufacturers (PSPS), Warsaw, Poland;
- Doctor, Professor Beata Gutarowska, Technical University, Lodz, Poland;
- Dr. Eva Sadol, Institute of Construction Technologies (ITB), Warsaw, Poland;
- Dr. Torsten Richter, Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany;
- Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Gennady Farenyuk, SE "State Research Institute of Building Constructions", Kyiv, Ukraine;
- Dr. Jacek Michalak, Association of Thermal Insulation Systems (SSO) / Atlas sp. z o.o., Lodz, Poland.

Gennady Farenyuk, Director of the State Enterprise NIISK, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, has repeatedly participated in the International ETICS Conference in previous years. This year, at the IX International ETICS Conference, he made a report on the topic: "Experimental Assessment of Factors that Determine the Reliability of ETICS".

Taking into account the urgent need for post-war reconstruction of Ukraine, the revival of its economic potential and, in particular, the use of ETICS composite thermal insulation systems in the reconstruction of buildings, which will significantly increase energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption, participation in the International ETICS Conference was an important step for the exchange of experience and the launch of relevant initiatives.

Director of the State Research Institute of Building Constructions Gennady Farenyuk
and President of the European Organization for Technical Assessment (EOTA) Sebastian Wall.

*External Thermal Insulation Composite System (ETICS) is a compact multi-layer thermal insulation solution designed to improve the energy efficiency of both new and existing buildings.
In North America, it is sometimes referred to as the EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finish System).

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