Science and Construction

For the attention of engineering-specialists!

nauka_budiv.jpgThe first issue of the scientific, technical, industrial and information analysis journal «Science and Construction» established by the SE NIISK is out of print.

The edition has been registered by the State Registration Authority of Ukraine on February 24, 2014 under 20575-10375 .

The journal issue pays special attention to the activities of The State Research Institute of Building Constructions in the light of the 70th anniversary of its establishment, as well as to the actual scientific and technical problems of construction industry, current state of aseismic construction in Ukraine, geotechnical issues, aspects of excessive heeling elimination in buildings and facilities, issues of civil structures energy performance and other matters of building sector.

The current number of the scientific and technical journal «Geotechnics World», among founders of which is also SE NIISK, came out.he edition presents the proceedings of the Interstate Research and Practice Conference “Civil Engineering Science as a Part of the Construction Sector Efficiency Ensuring System ” and covers the scientific and technical issues of construction in a complex engineering-geological environment, designing, construction and operation on the landslide hazardous hill slopes in the Republic of Azerbaijan, geotechnical problems of megaprojects construction under the complicated conditions of Kazakhstan, energy rational use, effective innovative solutions applications, architectural heritage preservation etc.

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