The 3rd meeting of the fib Young Members Group of Ukraine (supported by the NDIBK)

In 2016 the fib Presidium (International Federation of Concrete, approved the creation of a new structural unit of its organization, namely the International fib Young Members Group In the fib structure this group is at the committee level. It includes students, graduate students, young scientists and engineers under the age of 37. The structure of the group itself, by analogy to fib, includes national groups of young participants (National fib Young Members Groups) composed of the representatives of the countries, where the national groups uniting the young participants are established and operate.
The fib adheres to the directions envisaging the opportunities for the young professionals to fully participate in the organization's activities, gain experience and get invaluable knowledge and advice. All members of the Presidium are convinced that members of the youth unit must participate in the meetings of the fib Committees and Task Groups and then fully influence the decisions and resolutions of each of the Committees.
In the autumn of 2018, a center for the young fib members was established in Ukraine (fib Young Members Group of Ukraine) with the support of the SE NDIBK, a national group of the International Federation of Concrete (fib National Group). Despite the young age, the Ukrainian group makes efforts to be quite active: several Skype conferences have already been held, and a meeting of the group members has taken place in Kyiv.
The Ukrainian unit representatives communicate closely with the international group and represent Ukraine at the international fib conferences and are active in disseminating information on the activities of this reputable institution.
All members of the fib Presidium have high expectations for the work of the international group as a whole and of each of the national units, as everyone understands that the science future and development are possible only through new approaches, fresh ideas, new vision and new generation.
However, young people need a solid foundation, a reliable information base and an invaluable life and practical experience.
The meeting took place at the conference-hall of the architecture studio IMLA (Odesa) in the format “two hours after the work hours” with informal discussions about various professional issues.




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