The 3rd international Meeting of the fib Young Members Group

On May 25, 2019 in Kraków (Poland) the 3rd International Meeting of the fib Young Members Group (YMG) was held. The participants from Norway, Poland, England, Malaysia, Hungary, Russia, Portugal, Germany and Serbia were present at the meeting. It was the first time that the young representatives of our country took part in such key event. The fib Young Memebers Group of Ukraine was established in autumn 2018 at the SE NDIBK and became a national member group of the International Federation for Structural Concrete (fib).
Despite the recent starting, the group of Ukrainian young scholars have begun the vigorous activities on the territory of the state, and, as proof, three of them represented Ukraine at the fib Young Members Group International Meeting.
Vladislav Shekhovtsov as the head of the Ukrainian youth branch made a report on the activities of the SE NDIBK-led fib Young Members Group of Ukraine and spoke about plans for the future. In the report, he presented projects performed by the national youth group of fib Ukraine and the SE NDIBK. The scope of scientific and technical activities impressed the audience, especially the story about the New Safe Confinement erection over the Chornobyl NPP 4th Power Unit.


For the meeting participants of a technical visit was organized to one of the largest building sites in Poland - the international highway construction in the vicinity of Krakow. The construction of several road junctions with bridges and viaducts and the largest underground tunnel in Poland is envisaged within the framework of this project.

In general, the meeting was interesting and constructive; the fib Presidium representatives drew attention to the active position of the newly formed group of the SE NDIBK young scientists. The representatives of Ukraine, in turn, shared their experience in the field of concrete with their colleagues and established close relations with young people from other countries. V. Shekhovtsov was included into the fib YMG International Responsible Persons working with the creation of the common base of students research papers connected with concrete and reinforced concrete.
The Ukrainian group of young scientists enlisted the international support of all countries representatives participating in the meeting. Such partnership, friendship and interaction with the international community of young scientists confirm our country's ambition for the European level of the construction science and openness and transparency in interrelations.
The 3rd International Meeting of the fib Young Members Group was held within the framework of the fib Symposium 2019 "Concrete - Innovations in Materials, Design and Structures" jointly organized by the Polish National Member Group of the fib and the Cracow University of Technology (CUT) on 27-29 May, 2019 in Krakow (Poland). The Symposium gathered experts in concrete and its technologies, engineers, scientists, specialists, researchers, theorists and practitioners from all over the world to share achievements, knowledge and experience about innovations in the areas of architecture, calculations, design, production, maintenance, protection, durability and reliability of reinforced concrete structures and their application in construction.
The topics of the Symposium included, inter alia, the research and innovation issues in the following areas:
- architectural and ecological design, architectural concrete and facing;
- calculations and designing, in particular the standards and technical requirements, design of durability, functional and parametric design, models of operating conditions and long-term concrete work, numerical simulation, steel-concrete constructions, fatigue and cyclic loading, dynamic, seismic and emergency loading, fire resistance and safety;
- features of concrete structures, including the concrete structures development history, buildings, bridge structures, tunnels, industrial floors, underground and foundation structures, floating concrete structures and structures in seawater, as well as concrete buildings operation, repair, renovation, reconstruction and demolition;
- materials, including pre-stressed concrete, ultra-high strength concrete, fibrous and carbon fiber concretes, textile reinforced concrete, composite reinforcement materials, alkaline-activating concrete, and special concretes and materials;
- production, design and quality control requirements regarding the reinforced concrete for prefabricated ceilings, tall buildings, prefabricated bridges, coatings etc.;
- strength and sustainable development in connection with the external conditions assessment, operated structures technical assessment, reliability, concrete structures maintenance, the mechanisms for the concrete deterioration and reinforcement corrosion, concrete structures utilization, reinforcement, repair, life cycle management etc.
Key speakers at the Symposium were: Rudy Ricciotti (Switzerland), Marco di Prisco (Italy), Renata Kotynia (Poland), Mikael Braestrup (Denmark).

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