The Institute has acertified quality management systemsince 2004 in accordance with DSTU ISO 9001:2015.
Quality policy
It is the NIISK’s challenging task to meet the customer needs in accordance with norms and regulations in force and hereupon to obtain profit aimed at satisfaction of staff needs and development of the Institute through:
- constant improvement of quality of research and development products and services provided;
- annual conferences and research and practise seminars in order to share knowledge gained by the Institute and to attract new customers;
- regular qualification upgrade of scientists and engineers and skill enhancement of staff participating in training, including ISO 9000 trainings;
- keeping laboratories, experimental and production facilities and infrastructure in good repair and proper working order to facilitate the effective staff work;
- constant updating of office equipment and implementation of new solutions in information technology;
- development of new markets;
- improvement of active quality management system of the Institute.
The following principles should guide the Institute staff as it works towards the declared Quality Policy:
1. All work should be performed in a timely manner. Reasoned deviations from the work deadline are reported to the customer in due time.
2. Develop practical skills.
3. Strive to carry out each project without mistakes from the beginning. This not only improves quality but also reduces costs.
4. No complaint should be ignored.
With the aim of constant generating high levels of satisfaction in the customers which benefit from NIISK research and development services and professional expertise, management of the Institute declares the implementation of Policy provisions and internal improvement of quality management system.

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