The X International congress Institutional and technical aspects of housing and utility sector reforming


The X International congress “Institutional and technical aspects of housing and utility sector reforming” was held by the Ministry of regional development, construction and housing of Ukraine on November 4 – 7, 2014. The conference “Energy efficiency problems in housing. The Ukrainian and international experience.” took place within the congress. Farenyuk G.G., Director of SE “State research institute of building constructions”, presented the report on “Ways of harmonization and development of national regulatory and normative base on energy efficiency of buildings” at this conference. He noted that since the mid 90-ies of XX century the institute has performed a lot of works on development of national normative documents and their harmonization with the Eurocodes in Ukraine, what makes it possible to solve the energy efficiency kongres1.jpgproblems not only during the design and construction of new buildings, but also during the reconstruction and thermal modernisation of previously constructed ones. He also noted that construction of energy efficiency, “passive” buildings and facilities is a new priority of SE NDIBK research works to insure the synergistic effect by the use of architectural, engineering and constructive solutions and maximal energy resources saving in housing. Realization of these work results at the energy consumption reduction contributes to microclimate quality improvement and living conditions comfort.

About 200 heads of regional, local and district councils and state administrations, as well as heads and specialists of housing and utility sector from different regions of Ukraine took place at the conference.

17 reports on different aspects to reform and reduce the energy consumption in housing and utility sector were presented at the conference.

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