The UEAtc Coordination Commission meeting

67th meeting of UEAtc
(European Union of Technical approvals in construction)
Participating of SE NIISK in the work of UEAtc
SE NIISK presents Ukraine in European Union of Technical approvals in construction from 2007.
Within frameworks of collaboration with UEAtc, SE NIISK annually prepares Technical approvals on the order of firms of European Union, that allows to attract foreign investments to Ukraine, taking into account that the production of building products performs on territory of our state.
Participating in work of the Coordinating board is the obligatory condition of collaboration with UEAtc, that is why SE NIISK takes active part in meetings of Coordinating board, beginning from 1998 and defending interests of Ukraine.

General information about UEAtc

UEAtc was created in 1960 and unites, on a voluntary basis, national institutes, centers or organizations from 17 countries of western to Europe and united country from Eastern Ukraine. Global mission of UEAtc :
- to rise the role of Approval in relation to innovative systems and products in building sector;
- to guarantee corresponding trust to Approvals, which are given out to its members, in order to coordinate, to help and develop Approval on concerted base.

Every country is presented in UEAtc by one organization. Other structures, involved in Approval in different countries can participate in work through this organization.
It is possible to become the member of union for authorized institute, center or organization, which is the pattern of corresponding technical competence and which has corresponding necessary means for work with those, who asks Approval, in relation to all materials, components, services and processes, which are used in construction, and are able to advise national institutes in spheres of their competence, and also other interested specialists and can guarantee, that:
- his decision is free of any private or corporate interests;
- his Approval satisfy requirements of p. 3;
- he gives out national Approvals and performs confirmations, which follow from the national Approvals, given out under authorship of other members;
- he participates in technical activity of UEAtc.

The Approval, given out by member of UEAtc is the preferential technical evaluation of suitability of materials, services or processes. The holder of Approval must be a structure, which:

- responsible for supplying of products to the market;
- able to guarantee, that quality of products should remain stable.

The aim of UEAtc – is to guarantee, that in different European countries the equivalence of Approval, given out by different members, could be recognized in order to decrease the bureaucratic barriers of different sort. Id est, to facilitate the transition of building products from country to country due to practice of mutual recognition of voluntarily Approvals. As the result of this collaboration was edition of seventy guidance documents, which coordinate methods of assessment of innovative building products and coordinate exchange (or confirmation) with few thousands approvals between institutes-members. It was good for many producers on all Europe, including in Ukraine. In accordance with this, UEAtc:

- establishes rules for financing and support of Approvals in different countries - members of UEAtc.

- is favorable to bilateral confirmations of Approvals by means of exchange of information and of consultation and favorable multilateral Confirmations.

- shares results of researches, performed by members of UEAtc.

Membership in public organizations