The magazine is developed for engineers and technicians, designers, scientists of construction and related industries, investors, builders, employees of housing and communal services, everybody who wishes to build or reconstruct the energy-efficient economic residential and industrial civil buildings and facilities using the most modern building materials, products, structures and technologies.

Scientists, designers, technicians, builders have an opportunity to represent their materials on the development of construction industry, science, energy-efficient technology and housing and communal services on pages of the magazine.

Consolidated themes of the edition:

  • innovative projects and investment politics in construction;
  • problems of science-intensive technique and technologies;
  • problems of perspective development of cities, architecture and town building;
  • scientific and technical activity and production activity in construction;
  • problems of development of building industry;
  • geotechnical construction, green construction and problems of ecology;
  • anti-seismic construction;
  • building physics: acoustics, energy performance and resource-saving;
  • new building materials, wares, constructions and technologies;
  • reliability and safety of building constructions, buildings and structures;
  • reconstruction and restoration of objects; engineering structures and systems;
  • legal documents and normative documents;
  • organization, technology, pricing and economics of construction;
  • problems of personnel training and professional development;
  • foreign experience, constructional exhibitions, new editions.

List of themes for printing and advertisers:

  • problems of development of building industry and housing and communal services;
  • innovative projects and investment politics in construction industry and architecture;
  • problems of perspective development of cities, architecture and town building;
  • problems of science-intensive technique and technologies for construction industry and housing and communal services;
  • problems of energy efficient economical residential construction;
  • development of normative base, new legal and normative documents in construction and housing and communal services;
  • scientific information, most important discoveries and inventions for material science, technics and technology in construction industry;
  • new and effective projects of buildings and structures (architecture, construction, sanitary engineering, mechanical, electric and special systems, automation, facades, safety);
  • new building materials, building products, constructions and technologies of their production;
  • construction in complex geological conditions;
  • soil mechanics, geotechnical problems, design and erection of bases and foundations of buildings and underground structures under various conditions and in different regions of Ukraine;
  • organization, technology and economics of construction;
  • industrial, civil and other types of construction activity;
  • construction of motorways and bridges;
  • anti-seismic construction; problems of ChNPP "Shelter" Object;
  • building physics in modern construction;
  • energy-efficient technologies, energy efficiency, energy saving and resource-saving;
  • mechanization and automation of building production;
  • building machines and mechanisms, and road cars and mechanisms;
  • sanitary equipment, engineering building and systems;
  • reliability and safety of building constructions, buildings and structures;
  • problems of fire safety, ecology and green construction;
  • inspection, reconstruction, restoration, passport system and operation of real estate objects;
  • scientific and technical documentation of construction; project appraisal and supervision;
  • analytical reviews: architecture, projects, construction, real estate;
  • new editions, foreign experience, constructional expositions.

Periodicity of publication – 4 numbers per year. Circulation 100 copies.

Volume is not less than 72 stripes of format 4.


State Enterprise "State research institute of building constructions".

Distribution. The magazine is distributed:

  • on a basis of prepayment cost of subscription of 4 numbers for 2020 is UAH 1500 (one thousand five hundred), 00 kopecks;
  • by direct mail to bodies of state authority;
  • to the largest libraries;
  • at constructional exhibitions, conferences, seminars, roundtable meetings and so on.

To register the subscription of magazine “SCIENCE AND CONSTRUCTION” we ask you to contact us by, or by tel. (+38044) 249-37-03, (+38044) 249-38-07

Dear colleagues! We invite you to collaboration in magazine "SCIENCE AND CONSTRUCTION" as subscribers, readers, advertisers.

Editorial office:

SE NIISK, 5/2 Preobrazhenska St., 03037, Kyiv-37

tel.: (+38044) 249-37-03, (+38044) 249-38-07,

fax: (+38044)248-89-09,

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