International conference Information technologies for calculation and design of the seismic resistance objects structures

Conference organizers:
- Georgian technical University, Tbilisi, Georgia
- Georgian seismic resistance association, Georgia
- Odessa state academy of construction and architecture, Odessa, Ukraine
- SE “Stare research Institute of building construction”, Kyiv, Ukraine
- LIRA-SAPR Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

Conference topics:
 Information technologies for designing and calculations in construction engineering;
 Experience of the complex calculations implementation with application of modern software;
 Numerical modeling of the buildings and facilities life cycle
 Modeling of the seismic actions in software with different methods application;
 Diagnostic and assessment of the buildings and facilities technical state of the residential-communal, industrial and transport construction;
 Methods and practices of reliability assessment of the materials and structures when is action of the loads and environment;
 Using of the modern software for training of the specialists;
 Master-class on software LIRA-SAPR-2017.

The visiting sessions with visits to industrial enterprises in Batumi were organized in conference frames on 14-16 September.
Presentation «Scientific and technical support as part of construction reliability ensuring»was provided at conference by NIISK’s Director Dr. Gennadiy Farenyuk. The Presentation emphasized on the importance of the scientific and technical justification for the assessment of the reliability, durability and safety of various intentions construction objects.

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