Postgraduate study

Training of high qualified scientific personnel

Department of post-graduate course

The head of the department

Asya Kisil

Candidate of science, senior staff scientist


Advanced training of high qualified personnel in the field of construction:

05.23.01 – Constructions, buildings and facilities,

05.23.02 – Bases and foundations,

05.23.05 – Construction materials and goods.

Ordinary entry to the post-graduate course starts annually in December and provides day shift and in-service education .

The post-graduate course application in the name of the Director of the Institute shall be submitted before the 10th of September:

  • Personnel registration form with photo;
  • Copies of final qualification certificate with an indication of Specialist’s or Master’s degree;
  • List of issued scientific works or information about inventions . Persons having no scientific works shall submit scientific reports in selected qualification;
  • Certificate of qualifying examinations for the Candidate degree .

Persons entering the post-graduate course shall pass exams in the scope of the program applying for the higher education institutions:

  • Qualification , philosophy, and foreign language.

Entrance examinations start from the 15th of October.

Please, send documents and consult:

Kyiv-37, Klimenko-street, 5/2, NIISK

Tel. (044) 249-37-62, office 421, Laboratory building.

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