Expert workshop Presentation of software for calculating the energy performance of buildings and making the energy certificate

To date one of the main tasks is the implementation of the provisions of the Directive 2010/31/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 19 May 2010 on the Energy Performance of Buildings (recast) into the normative sphere of Ukraine concerning the energy performance of buildings.
The methodical concept of state construction norms envisages the regulation of mandatory requirements to the energy performance indicator for new building under construction and buildings under rearrangement or major renovation (with application of energy effective structures and materials).
The procedure for the calculations of the building energy indicators was developed within the framework of the previous EBRD assistance project. At the same time so called energy passports have been used in Ukraine for the new construction and major renovations.
During the last two years the comprehensive web-software instrument for the calculations of energy performance certificates and energy passports have been developed by the common efforts of Ukrainian and Austrian experts. In addition to user friendliness and ease of access, this instrument is unique on the Ukrainian market to be validated in compliance with the modern national standards on the calculation of buildings energy performance.
The seminar purpose was to inform about the program instrument structure, scope and applications for the calculations of energy performance certificates and energy passports.
The SE NDIBK Director Gennadiy Grygorovych Farenyuk presented at the seminar a welcoming speech and made areport «Energy performance calculations in the light of the new law on energy performance of buildings».
The seminar participants included software instruments developers, construction and real estate industries representatives, architects, civil engineers and energy auditors.

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