EUROSAFE Forum 2016

EUROSAFE Forum 2016 was held in Munich in the Sofitel Munich Hotel, Bayer Straße, 12.
The Forum was organized by the Germany’s central expert organization (GRS) carrying out research and analysis in the fields of nuclear safety, radioactive waste management as well as radiation and environmental protection with the support of the expert company Bel V carrying out inspections in nuclear power plants and other nuclear installations in Belgium and the Institute for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN, France).
More than 300 experts from all over the world attended the Forum.
The Forum Programme envisaged the plenary session and five seminars in the various areas of activities.
The first plenary day programme included the lectures and discussions on several topics:
- Presentation of the New Safety Strategy for ETSON;
- Reports on various safety ensuring activities in Europe;
- Threats and countermeasures with regard to IT security and cybercrime;
- Flight safety research in civil aviation;
- Radioecology research in five years after the Fukushima accident.
The purpose of seminars was to disclose for an international audience the recent results and to present the gathered experience in the nuclear energy field. They covered the following issues:
- Assessment of the nuclear installations safety.
- Researches on the nuclear installations safety.
- Radioactive waste management and NPP decommissioning/dismantling.
- Radiation protection, environment and emergency preparedness.
- Security of nuclear installations and materials.
It should be noted that based on the Forum results the Germanys nuclear energy expert organization GRS mbH has become interested in the partnership with the SE NDIBK. The collaboration is supposed to be concentrated on the issues that concern:
- The actual development of events and further works on nuclear safety in the Chornobyl zone.
- Planning of the concept and measures for the Shelter Object unstable parts removal after sliding up the New Safe Confinement Arch.
- Development of the concept for the radioactive substances removal from the destroyed reactor and radioactive waste disposal.
Based on the results of a working meeting and negotiations with the Director of the PLEJADES GmbH – Independent Experts (Germany) the protocol of intent was signed regarding the companys cooperation with the SE NDIBK in the following fields:
- energy performance of buildings and constructions;
- seismic stability of buildings and constructions;
- solutions of the problems of solid waste storage facilities for the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone.

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